A service worth talking about

Any type of insurance can be daunting which is why it is sometimes tempting to look for insurance online using an automated system. Often enough, this process can let you down right when you need it most. At Martin Kemp Insurance Services, we always take a personal approach to insurance.

We’ve been around for almost 50 years, starting in 1973. In that time, we have learned the importance of finding the right balance. We strive to find competitive insurance policies built to last, but it won’t work if it doesn’t truly reflect your requirements. Moreover, the right policy built around your specific needs gives you confidence, peace of mind and can even save you money on premiums.

Since we are fully independent insurance brokers, we are not aligned with any one insurer. We are also members of Broker Network – the UK’s largest network for independent brokers. As a result, we have access to specialist schemes seldom found elsewhere.

So whether you need to insure your business, home, farm or something else, why not see if Martin Kemp Insurance can help you secure the right insurance?